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          Sales Network


          Beiijing Headquarter

          Funch Industry Corporation headquarter locates in Beijing CBD core area,convenient transportation. Mainly in charge of operation and management of the all the projects of our Funch group, coordinating the supply chain resources and customer service, providing products import and export business related support to foreign branches and customers. Beijing head office integrates industry and trade, and creates value for customers in logistics, customs, international cooperation and service, product development and technical support.

          Australia branch

          Our branch in Australia locates in Melbourne --the second largest city of Australia, mainly engaged in the engine cylinder head, cylinder head assembly and engine accessories processing and sales business. The company has twenty years of industry experience, with six professional and technical personnel, two of them has worked in the cylinder head and engine field for more than twenty years. The company has nearly 2000 square meters of processing workshops, with complete finishing equipment, cleaning equipment and testing equipment. The company's business covers the whole area of Oceania, has a favorable reputation in local, and some products are exported to Europe and the United States.


          Contact Us

          • 010-65529181 / 65510211/65510235
          • 010-65523011
          • sales8@www.gzztt.com
          • Room702,Building D,the Riverside Baroque Palace, No.3, Chaowai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing